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Development Trend Of Multi Wire Cutting Machine

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Multi wire cutting machine after years of development has been mature, but anything will not be once and for all, the future direction of development should be large, fast, high precision, high efficiency

(1) Large scale refers to the appropriate increase in volume and quality, so that more materials can be processed at one time, and the quality can be increased to improve the stability of the machine, so that the stability of the wafer processing process is better

(2) The increase of cutting line walking speed is conducive to speeding up the cutting speed, improving the work efficiency, and speeding up the speed of bringing in the mortar, which can change the mortar proportion, make its fluidity, permeability and abrasiveness better, so as to reduce the consumption of silicon carbide, boron carbide and diamond powder, reduce the production cost, and accelerate the dilution flow of mortar, so as to improve the cooling effect, The dependence of mortar on heat exchanger is reduced

(3) With the improvement of machine precision, the invalid friction of the cutting line will be reduced, the material loss will be reduced, the bending, warping, parallelism and total thickness tolerance of the cutting wafer will be improved, the damage layer on the surface of the machined wafer will be shallow, the roughness will be small, and the film output rate will be high

(4) The main shaft winding wheel is generally made of resin material, which has poor wear resistance and heat dissipation. The manufacturer gives the longest service life of a single piece, 800, h, and the wear depth of the groove is more than, 1, mm, which must be sent to a professional manufacturer to grind and re slot. The process is complex and the cost is high. Recently, the winding wheel made of ceramic material shows high heat dissipation and anti-wear characteristics, which is expected to eventually replace the resin winding wheel

(5) The cutting line coated with emery can be cooled by water, which reduces the huge heat exchange system and the use of abrasives

(6) Cutting fluid is a very important part of multi wire cutting machine, especially for the cutting of large diameter and ultra-thin sheet. Firstly, the cutting fluid itself does not pollute the environment and the processed material, and does not affect the subsequent process. It has the tendency of low viscosity, high sand carrying capacity, low impurity content, easy cleaning and cutting fluid specialization

(7) The application of mortar recovery system can make full use of expensive diamond powder, silicon carbide powder and boron carbide powder, thus reducing production costs, reducing waste and protecting the environment

(8) People have been experimenting with more efficient, simpler and more accurate cutting methods for other hard and brittle materials, such as high-pressure water jet. The successful application of laser water jet and laser water jet dicing machine seems to have created a new way for laser water jet cutting machine.

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