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Development History Of Precision Cutting Equipment

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Multi wire cutting machine as a new concept of cutting equipment, from the 1960s proposed the concept of multi wire cutting to today tend to perfect, has experienced more than 40 years. Limited to the technical level and control concept at that time, it would be quite difficult to put multi wire cutting into practice. In the mid-1980s, the world's available multi wire cutting machine came out. It mainly consists of mechanical structure, magnetic powder clutch for tension control, AC motor with reducer for tension adjustment, huge gear box and chain gear transmission structure, counterweight for table drive, relay and time relay for electric control. No matter what the mechanism is, it is a practical prototype of multi wire cutting machine. From 1986 to 1987, it was an experimental type; 1988-1990 is the second generation. The next two or three years will be a new generation. Today's market is already the ninth and tenth generation of multi wire cutting machine.

The results show that the bending (bow), warping (Warp) and parallelism (TARP) of the chip are small. Small total thickness tolerance (TTV), less cutting loss between chips, shallow damage layer on wafer surface, small roughness, high chip yield, high production efficiency and high return on investment.

Therefore, the application of multi wire cutting machine is an inevitable choice to develop large-scale production and improve production efficiency. It is an inevitable trend to use multi wire cutting machine to process all kinds of wafers, especially suitable for batch processing of ultra-thin substrates of solar photovoltaic cells.

With the progress of technology and development of science and technology in the 21st century, the technology content of modern multi wire cutting machine can not be compared with that in the 1980s. Today's multi wire cutting machine has integrated modern manufacturing technology, process technology, modern control technology, modern sensing technology and new materials, such as AC servo motor and drive system, industrial control computer, motion control card and bus system Spindle oil mist lubrication and cooling and clearance sealing unit, constant tension fast routing, etc. Due to the selection of the above systems, the modern multi wire cutting machine is suitable for slicing large-diameter IC wafers, ultra-thin photovoltaic cell substrates, gallium arsenide, silicon carbide, lithium niobate, optical glass and other hard and brittle materials.

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