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Development And Use Of Stone Cutting Saws
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Development And Use Of Stone Cutting Saws

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In recent years, with the gradual implementation of urban infrastructure construction and western development, the rapid development of expressways across the country, square stone, step stone, roadside stone demand is increasing, greatly promoting the development of stone processing enterprises; At the same time, after China’s accession to the WTO, the export volume of tombstone, square stone and other stones increased gradually, which also led to the rapid development of stone processing enterprises. However, when the traditional large disk stone cutting machine is used to process these blanks, the efficiency is low and the cost is high. The main performance is as follows: more times of up and down blanking, more labor and time consuming to turn over the blanking, higher consumption during operation, and it is not suitable for the condition of fine stone material and small mining of blanking. For this reason, these stone processing plants are in urgent need of equipment that can not only meet the requirements of such stone processing, but also achieve higher production efficiency and lower cost. After a full demonstration, we developed this kind of small bridge diamond disc stone cutting saw, after nearly two years of use, the effect is good, well received by users.

Main USES and characteristics of stone cutting saws

Adopt diamond circular saw blade with a diameter of 1600mm to cut the mined waste materials into gravestone stone, square stone, step stone, kerb stone and other billets; Or the raw materials cut into the board material, can also be used to give the initial cut shape gravestone stone, square stone, step stone and other blank head, edge cutting, etc.

The machine has the following main features:

1, reasonable structure, good stability, large lifting stroke, can achieve secondary cutting, cutting efficiency is high, low cost, cutting surface smooth, good flatness, high rate of finished products, no mechanical breakage and corrosion and pollution.

2, simple operation, high degree of automation, the machine is all used in the electric control cabinet automatic control and semi-automatic control, according to the material of the cut SLATE, can adjust the feeding speed, both safe and can improve the cutting efficiency, electrical parts with interlocking and safety device, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment work.

3, wide range of application, can process more than 10mm thickness of granite, marble and other plates, tombstone stone, square stone and other stone crafts blank.

Two, the main structure of stone cutting saw

1, columns, skateboarding device: the stone cutting saw column for reinforced concrete columns, column slide guide rail, are installed on board move up and down through screw drive along the guide rail, can travel 1600 mm, can cut a large granite or marble material, a feeding can continuous cutting, greatly saves time, improves the production efficiency, greatly reduces the labor intensity.

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