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Control Of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

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Control Of Feed Speed Of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

The feed speed has a great relationship with the sawing efficiency and the wear of the bead. The feed speed is related to the linear speed of the sawing machine driving sheave and the speed of its backward movement on the guide rail. The tension of the rope ensures the necessary pressure during sawing. Under the premise of ensuring the cutting pressure, the increase in the stress of the steel rope should also be considered. When the stress is too high, the steel rope is easy to break. Because the increase in cutting pressure will inevitably increase the traction of the steel rope. When the cutting pressure of the diamond wire saw machine is constant, increasing the traction speed of the steel rope can improve the cutting efficiency and increase the stress of the steel rope.

On the contrary, if the sawing pressure is too small, the cutting efficiency is also low, which is not desirable. The line speed of the rope has a great influence on the sawing efficiency, and the higher the speed, the higher the cutting force, the higher the sawing efficiency. However, if the cooling conditions are too large, it will increase the power consumption, wear the diamond too quickly, and increase the temperature. So there is a reasonable speed. This is related to factors such as the performance of the saw, the quality of the rope, and the hardness of the stone. And the speed of the sawing stage of different diamond wire saw machines is also different. Normally, at the beginning of the sawing stage, the feed speed is 3/4 of the normal feed speed. When the saw seam depth is more than 100mm and the sawing curve is relatively smooth, the feed speed can be increased to reach the normal value. The speed should be reduced at the end of the sawing stage. Closely monitor and control instruments during operation. Make the pressure value in the best state of sawing. For the electronic automatic control diamond saw, automatic control can be realized, and the work is relatively reliable.

Control Of Cutting Curve Arc Of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

When using ring cutting, the length of the cutting curve and the radius of curvature continue to change from large to small, and the bending stress of the rope also changes accordingly. Associated with it, the bending stress of the steel rope is related to the ratio of the diameter of the drum to the diameter of the steel rope. Use the ratio of the drum diameter D to the steel rope diameter d, that is, when D/d <=60, as D/d decreases, the bending stress of the steel rope will increase sharply.

For the beaded diamond rope, its diameter is 4-5mm, although in the design of the diamond wire saw machine, the flexibility of the rope and the maximum bending stress have been taken into consideration. However, the sharp edges and corners of the rock and the hard inclusions in the sawing process will inevitably produce greater impact stress when contacting the rope, especially when the cutting curve has a large arc, the excessive bending of the rope will cause the bending stress to increase sharply. This will lead to the occurrence of rope-breaking accidents. After the rope is broken, five beads will be scattered and lost, which will increase mining costs. For this reason, the reasonable control of the arc of the cutting curve is of great significance.

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