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Compound Miter Saw Tips and Techniques
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Compound Miter Saw Tips and Techniques

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Creating Clean Cuts with a Steady and Firm Grip

Step 1: Align the blade with one side of the mark

  • Start by lifting the blade guard using your thumb and use one edge of the blade to align your cut.

  • Don’t forget to remove your fingers from the switch as you align the cut.

  • Use a clamp to secure the workpiece in place or make sure you hold it as firmly as possible.

  • Gradually release the blade guard and find your way back to the switch to make your cut.

To Saw the Perfect Miter by Adjusting the Angle

Step 1: Making fine-tune cuts

  • If you want to make fine-tune cuts, adjust the blade angle slightly for a tight fit.

  • Move the blade adjuster and hold it in position until the locking handle is tightened.

Step 2: Preventing the cutoff from being thrown

  • You should add small pieces with a sacrificial board to stop the cutoff from being thrown away by the blade.

  • Make sure to hold down the saw until it stops rotating completely at the end of the cut.

Step 3: Use stop block for repeat cuts

  • Screwing two blocks of wood to the miter saw stand works perfectly as a stop if you’re going to repeat cuts of the same length.

  • You can set the lower block back about half an inch so that your cut length wouldn’t be affected if wood chips or sawdust pile up against it.

Holding the Crowns and Coves in Place By Constructing a Jig

Step 1: Crown mold with the help of a jig

  • You can build a jig to hold crown moldings at the precise angle you need by setting a scrap of your molding upside down in the jig and marking the position of the stop.

  • Then, screw the stop to the jig and placing all fasteners so that they’re out of the path of the blade.

Step 2: Fasten the jig to the fence

Attach the jig with ¾-inch screws using holes in the miter saw fence. Then, cut miters with the crown molding upside down.

How To Use a Compound Miter Saw Safely

  1. Make sure to take off any jewelry before using the saw.

  2. Avoid any gloves (save the safety ones) and loose clothing when you’re using the saw.

  3. Carry all the guard during the use of the miter saw and make sure they’re repaired or readjust them if you’re getting any inaccurate results.

  4. If your blades aren’t working optimally, make sure your miter saw is well-maintained.

  5. Refer to the user’s manual to properly match the type of blade you’re using to the item you’re cutting or your purpose. Otherwise, your results may not be as accurate.

  6. Always make sure your fingers are at a safe distance from the cutting blades.

  7. Double-check the blade arrangement and its result after finishing your cut.

  8. After leaving the trigger, wait until the blade comes to an absolute stop.

  9. Make sure you’re wearing a safe uniform including protective glasses, hearing protection, a tight uniform, and solid working shoes.

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