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Cnc Stone Carving Machine
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Cnc Stone Carving Machine

 HKNC-650  5 Axis Automatic Cnc Stone Carving Machine ,Marble Cnc Machine Bridge Saw For Granite Marble Quartz Stone

  • HKNC-560/650

stone engraving cnc machine

HKNC-650 is a bridge-type multi-function 5-axis CNC machine tool for stone cutting, milling, drilling, engraving. This 5-axis CNC stone machine is powerful and has a wide range of applications, it can easily process various countertops, etc. Such as kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, shower trays, tombstones, window frames, 3D decorative walls, etc. HKNC-650 is equipped with Italian ESA CNC system, digital servo motor and CAD CAM drawing software, which makes HKNC-650 powerful and can easily meet the needs of various stone cutting. The optional vacuum manipulator for HKNC-650 can automatically move the slab to improve machining efficiency to optimize the use of workpieces during the sheet cutting process.

* Vertical, inclined and horizontal cutting of plates with disc blades

* Use contour cutting to cut the curve

* Can be used for sink cutting, profiling and engraving

China Granite CNC Machine - Buy 5 Axis CNC Bridge

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5 Axis CNC Granite Saw factory

Control system -- CNC

Brand: Esa  Original: Italy
CNC Bridge Stone Machine

Digital Servomotor

Brand: ESA  Original: Italy

Laser Reticule Apparatus

Origin: China
5 Axis CNC Stone Saw factory


China 5 Axis CNC Granite Saw

Linear Guide

Brand: Hiwin Original: Taiwan

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