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Cnc Milling Machine Price
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Cnc Milling Machine Price

HKNC-500 5 Axis Bridge Saw CNC Stone Cutting and Milling Machine Slab Cutting Machine 5 axis cnc milling machine for sale

  • HKNC-500
  • Hualong

cnc milling machine price

HKNC-500 is a five-axis bridge cutting and milling machine developed by Hualong, with four-axis interpolation and one-axis electric control. It is mainly used for countertop processing. It has cutting, milling, engraving, drilling processing modes, and can perform straight cutting, mitering cutting, milling, arc cutting, engraving and other functions. Using a convenient network, HKNC-500 can be remotely controlled for remote programming, file processing, and remote fault diagnosis. It can optimize the processing data of the plate through the powerful CNC numerical control system of the Italian ESA and set the encoding program of the slab cutting in advance, so that the whole process of the plate cutting can be run automatically and intelligently. Automated machining operations allow for batching and standardization of cutting work. Optimize the processing process and increase the processing output.

5 axis milling machine for sale

 China 5 Axis Bridge Saw

5 axis cnc machine price

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