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Cnc Marble Cutting Machine
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Cnc Marble Cutting Machine

HKNC-500 5 Axis Bridge Saw CNC Stone Cutting and Milling Machine Cnc Marble Cutting Machine

  • HKNC-500
  • Hualong

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1. Using five-axis CNC control system, the spindle can rotate 360 degrees, which can easily complete surface machining, mitering cutting, profiling cutting, sink milling, etc.


2. Equipped with high-efficiency digital servo drive, high-strength gantry, and overall steel structure to ensure that the whole machine can be more stable during processing.


3. Using 5-axis linkage, multiple processes can be completed at one time. (including drilling, cutting, milling, mitering cutting, etc.), greatly reducing machine tool adjustment time and improving work efficiency.


4. The ESA cnc control system can control the processing speed, cutting strength, and cutting speed respectively, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of processed products.


5. The integrated structure can be installed in the container without disassembly, which is convenient for transportation.

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 China 5 Axis Bridge Saw

China 5 Axis CNC Stone factory

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