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China stone Machinery Industrial
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China stone Machinery Industrial

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The mining machinery industry is one of the important basic industries that provides equipment for the mining and processing of solid raw materials, materials and fuels. It is also widely used in the capital construction of basic sectors such as railways, buildings, water conservancy and hydropower.

China's mining machinery industry mainly has seven categories, more than 300 varieties and thousands of specifications of products. Since 2000, driven by the great development of domestic basic industry and infrastructure construction, the market demand for mining machinery products has been strong. The largest mining machinery market.

The mining machinery industry occupies a pillar position in the national economy, and has many roles and contributions in economic construction. Whether it is from the market development status of China's mining machinery industry or from the global industrial operation situation, China's mining machinery industry is in a historic window period. The next 5-10 years will be an important period for Chinese mining machinery enterprises to fully or deeply integrate into the world and develop together with the world. The development prospects of the industry are good. It is estimated that by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the sales scale of China's mining machinery industry will reach 900 billion yuan, and the export value will exceed 26 billion US dollars.

The automation equipment of mining machinery is a large-scale complete set of equipment in the automation system, also known as automation device. A process in which a machine or device is automatically operated or controlled according to a prescribed program or instruction without human intervention. The use of automation technology can liberate people from heavy manual labor, part of mental labor and harsh and dangerous working environments. When using automatic equipment, our operators and equipment maintenance personnel need to be extra careful to treat the machine, so as not to damage the machine equipment due to temporary negligence.

The automation equipment of mining machinery will inevitably have some failures during the use process. For example, due to the negligence of equipment maintenance personnel, the position of some sensors may be wrong, such as not in place, sensor failure, sensitivity failure, etc. Always check the sensing position and sensitivity of the sensor, and adjust it in time if there is a deviation. If the sensor is broken, replace it immediately. In addition, due to the vibration of automation equipment, most of the sensors will be loose after long-term use. Therefore, during routine maintenance, it is necessary to frequently check whether the position of the sensor is correct and whether it is firmly fixed.

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