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China Stone Countertop Processing Center Factory
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China Stone Countertop Processing Center Factory

China Stone Countertop Processing Center Factory hualong 20 Auto Tool Changing Polishing Bits Stone CNC Kitchen Bathroom Basin Countertop Making Processing Center
  • HLCNC-3319
  • Hualong

   CNC Stone Processing Center manufacturers


HLCNC-3319 adopts Taiwan's Syntec (6MD) control system, which integrates CAD/CAM professional drawing software. Through digital analysis and design, the product is processed programmatically and HLCNC-3319 supports G-code files.For the basic processing requirements, no tedious drawing or programming through the third party software, using the processing wizard can generate tool path files for direct processing. Support a variety of formats tool path files directly into the cutting module: gallery module: select the graphics template in the gallery, set the graphics parameters, generate machining tool path.

Hualong 3 Axis Cnc Stone Machinery Hlcnc-3319 Gran_副本

     China CNC Stone Processing Center factory

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Control Console

              System Brand: Syntec  Taiwan, China                                                           System Brand: ESA  Italy

Touch-screen colour monitor and application software make work easy

Electrical Companents

Brand:  Siemens, Schneider etc.

Quality electrical companents used to ensure stable performance.


Wired to the control console, to duplicate the axis mangement, controlling the movement speed and position directly.

Laser reticule apparatus

Aid for caliberating the original working point at the beginning.

Linear Guide

Brand: Hiwin,Taiwan, China

Drived by high precision rack gear on X, Y axis and  ball screw on Z axis

Self Lubrication System

Automatic oil feeding and lubrication system makes the regular maintenance very easy and reduce waste.

Vacuum Pump

With a 7.5kw vacuum pump for the sucking the stone.

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