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China Line Polishing Machine Manufacturers

China Line Polishing Machine manufacturers-High efficiency Granite Slab auto Marble Stone Surface Polishing Machine with frankfurt heads
  • HLMJX-12C
  • Hualong

Granite Line Polishing Machine suppliers

China Stone Polishing Machine suppliersGranite Tile Polishing Machine factory

Hualong Machinery HLMJX is a stone polishing machine specially designed for marble and granite surface polishing. The excellent construction materials are selected, the design structure is reasonable, the rigidity of the whole machine is strong, the performance and the structure are stable.HLMJX stone polishing machine is mainly composed of electrical unit,cleaning brush,electric box,automatic lubrication system,reduction gear,track structure,plate shaped monitoring device.Different quantities of grinding heads can be customized according to the needs of different customers.According to different stone materials, special grinding heads can be configured. The special grinding head can improve the polishing efficiency and polishing quality, and at the same time greatly reduce the loss of the grinding head and improve the utilization rate of the grinding head.Extend the useful life of the grinding head.High-quality display screen and advanced PLC control system can realize intelligent control of the machine.Greatly improve the work efficiency of stone polishing.

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Main Features

1)  Using PLC electrical system and LCD screen menu offer intelligent control.

2)  Processing width and working pressure of grinding heads can be adjusted freely .

3)  Sensor at the entrance to scan the shape of the slabs in sequence and transmit the signal to controlling unit for precise working

4) Adopting central automatic lubrication system, having all moving parts and bearings to get a good lubricating effect and longer life.

5) Conveyor self-cleaning and stone chip removing system


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