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China Granite Slab Cutting Machine Factory

China Granite Slab Cutting Machine factory  HLSQ-450 45 degree chamfer Automatic stone cutting Granite Bridge Saw Machine 
  • HLSQ-450
  • Hualong

China Granite Slab Cutting Machine Factory

HLSQ-450 adopts a fully automatic bridge Stone Slab Cutting Machine with PLC control system. It is a machine developed according to the characteristics of stone, so it is especially suitable for cutting granite, marble, quartz, artificial stone and other stone into thin plates, and the maximum thickness of its cutting is 10cm. After all the processing parameters are set through the PLC control system, there is no need to manually operate the machine. The whole process will be automatically cut by the machine. The machine will automatically stop after cutting. HLSQ-450 is an ideal stone cutting equipment.

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Stone Slab Cutting Machine suppliersChina Stone Slab Cutting Machine factoryHualong Stone Machinery Hlsq-450 Bridge Type Autom_副本3

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Hualong Machinery Hlsq-450 45 Degree Chamfer Autom_副本

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China Slab Cutting Machine factory Hualong is a mechanical equipment enterprise specializing in the research and development of stone cutting machines. Hualong adheres to the road of independent research and development, and has developed a variety of stone cutting machines and mining quarrying equipment. Hualong currently has a total of 36 intellectual property patents, including 2 invention patents, 29 utility model patents, and 5 appearance patents.Hualong company is a professional Granite Slab Cutting Machine suppliers11

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