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Butter Block Cutting Machine

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The 5-AF butter block cutting machine uses a wire harp and pneumatic operation to quickly reduce blocks of fats like butter into smaller pieces for mixing and processing.

Bulk blocks of fats are heavy, up to 25kg or 50lbs, cumbersome to move around your facility, and dropping a cold hard block of butter into a mixer risks overworking the machine and damaging the paddles. You can reduce the wear and tear on your mixers by breaking down bulk blocks of butter by hand, but the 5-AF automates the process by reducing bulk fats into smaller pieces mechanically.

Commercial bakers, dairy facilities, and food processors utilize the 5-AF butter cutting machine to reduce their bulk fats into manageable pieces quickly. Once unboxed an operator places the block of butter on the platform and engages the pneumatic system to pass a wire harp through the product. After the cycle the large block is reduced to smaller rectangular portions and can be re-wrapped in plastic for transport or simply offloaded into the next stage of the production process such as a mixer.

FoodTools wire harps can be custom designed to meet the requirements of the portion size, but most facilities using the 5-AF for butter and fats reduction opt for a standard 2, 4, 6 or 8 wire grid harp. To reduce the block in 3 dimensions the operator can rotate and reposition the sliced block 90 degrees and cut again, or FoodTools offers a 3-dimensional wire harp slicer (5-W) for improved speed and efficiency.

Many bakers purchasing individually wrapped portions of butter as ingredients are feeling the squeeze and looking for cost savings by buying in bulk. The addition of a bulk butter cutting machine makes reducing fats for mixing a one person task, removes the liability of large knives and blades, and extends the life of equipment by reducing the wear and tear on mixers that have to work extra hard to break down big blocks of butter.

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