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Bridge Saw Machine
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Bridge Saw Machine

The HSQ-700 bridge saw machine is controlled by PLC microcomputer and equipped with infrared function, which can realize precise cutting of granite and marble. The work table of stone bridge saw machine can be inclined by 85 degrees, and the work table can be rotated 90 degrees to 360 degrees . Pause positioning every 45 degrees. The machine has been sold well at home and abroad for many years with its excellent quality.
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bridge saw machine

Hualong brand HLSQ-700 automatic marble, granite cutting machine is equipped with PLC system, ultra-high precision rotary encoder positioning and infrared calibration device. The machine has both Chinese and English operating languages. According to the actual needs, the inverter can be used to control the left and right feeding, and the cutting speed can also be adjusted according to the condition of the stone. The lifting system adopts hydraulic control and 4 guide posts. The machine also offers unique side beam protection to ensure the safety of the machine operator.

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Stone bridge cutting machine features:

1) The cutting accuracy is about 0.2mm, and the diameter of the blade is 400mm-700mm.

2) Equipped with a worktable that can be rotated 0-360° (45°per turn) and a worktable that can be tilted 0-85°, which can be used for slab loading and unloading.

3) The beam is made of cast iron, and the tension of the beam is long-lasting, which can avoid the beam bending during work and ensure that the machine can work for a long time.

4) The important parts adopt European and Japanese brands, which can prolong the service life of the machine. Ensure the precision of the machining and the ease of operation.

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