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Bridge Cutter Stone Cutting Machine – A Simple Overview
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Bridge Cutter Stone Cutting Machine – A Simple Overview

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Among the numerous stone processing arts, the stone carving art has a long history. The earliest stone carving can be traced back to thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, stone carving has become a processing art representing an important culture. At that time, stone carvings could be seen in the cultural monuments of the mayans, greeks and ancient egyptians. Stone carvings could be used as an artist’s expression to record the religious culture and heritage of cultural relics in the way of stone carvings. The oldest stone carvings include the curvilinear Venus of willendorf and the Stonehenge Stonehenge.

Stone carving in ancient Egypt, the ancient egyptians made a great contribution to the art of stone cutting machine, they made stone monuments and stone carvings are still retained today, is the world’s oldest preserved stone carving. The ancient egyptians used to carve stone into the walls and pillars of temples, and on the huge stones they could carve pharaohs and gods, such as the great stone sphinx in giza. Through the stone carving art, we can see that the ancient Egyptian stone carving contains many meanings, it is used to praise the god, but also as a propaganda or communication tool, most of the carving helps to consolidate the traditional rules, is conducive to the maintenance of social order, but also to establish and maintain the values.

Stone carvings in ancient Greece were no different from those in ancient Egypt, and the art they created also stood the test of time. Long ago, the ancient greeks made human beings into stone carvings and sculptures, and nude figures were their preferred stone carvings because they embodied the classic proportions of identity, elegance and balance. Greek sculptor stone carvings forming on the manual before using metal tools, most of the use of stone material is marble and limestone, the development of every period in Greece to be able to use stone carving to reflect the Greek culture, starting from 321 to 331 BC, at that time in stone carving representative have the acropolis and the Parthenon, part have remained in Greece, there are other statues and murals in the British museum in London.

tone carvings in ancient Rome, their stone carvings were heavily influenced by Greek stone carvings, especially Greek stone carvings from the Hellenist period. Ancient Roman statues, reliefs, headdresses and so on are a little different from those of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece,

The ancient Romans is commonly used in making other materials, many Roman stone carvings are designed to attract public attention, so most of the paint on the stone, character expression and action is very important, more distinctive with statues of Roman leaders, it is as a symbol of the Roman empire, the Roman also has a lot of stone sculpture is about about the myths and legends, for example, Laocoon war the Vatican in Rome.

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