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Block Cutting Machine Price

HLQH-2500 Block Cutting Machine is equipped with multiple blades, suitable for cutting granite, basalt, marble blocks into plates, and has good performance in cold regions.Contact us for block cutting machine prices
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block cutting machine price

There are four types of HLQY series multi-saw blade stone cutting machines, HLQY-1600 (the diameter of the saw blade that can be hung is 1600mm), HLQY-2300 (the diameter of the saw blade that can be hung is 2300mm), HLQY-2500 (the diameter of the saw blade that can be hung is 2300mm) , HLQY-3000 (the diameter of the saw blade that can be hung is 3000mm). Customers can be equipped with saw blades of different diameters according to the needs of different thicknesses of plates. The whole machine is mainly composed of the following parts: cross Beam, Hydraulic Station, cutting BLade, Foudation Components, Control Panel. Equipped with PLC automatic control system, the whole machine is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation.

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