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Analysis Of Domestic CNC Cutting Machine Market Differentiation Development Mode
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Analysis Of Domestic CNC Cutting Machine Market Differentiation Development Mode

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Since the second half of 2011, the domestic CNC cutting machine market has shown signs of shrinking under the influence of the global financial environment. According to the statistical data of relevant departments, more than 70% of domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturers are facing different sales declines. How to improve the sluggish market situation and create a new sales channel for the domestic CNC cutting machine market? Hualong, who has been engaged in the research and development of CNC cutting machine equipment and marketing for many years, believes that it is imperative to actively implement the differentiated development of CNC cutting machine market.

Taking the differentiated competition route is a common topic in the CNC cutting machine industry. Because the threshold of CNC cutting machine industry is relatively low, and the products of domestic CNC cutting machine enterprises are similar in appearance and performance, the homogenization problem of the industry is serious, and the resulting fierce price war among CNC cutting machine enterprises, It also makes many CNC cutting machine equipment into a "meager profit" dilemma.

Faced with the problem of homogeneous competition, many CNC cutting machine enterprises will realize the necessity of taking the differentiated competition route. However, differentiated competition is not a simple thing. On the one hand, there are many points to do differentiated competition. Taking different differentiated routes, enterprises need different resources and inputs. On the other hand, some of the so-called methods to get rid of homogeneous competition, after many CNC cutting machine enterprises rush up, the effect will be greatly reduced, such as brand strategy. Many CNC cutting machine enterprises blindly package and hype their own brands when they do not have enough knowledge of brand marketing system, which seriously lacks the foundation to support brand value, Results many CNC cutting machine equipment in addition to different brand names, different trademarks, different advertising language, there is still no big difference.

How to find the most suitable differentiation route for enterprise development according to its own characteristics needs careful consideration and analysis. Hualong believes that for the general CNC cutting machine enterprises, it is not easy to achieve all aspects of products and perfect standards. But if the enterprise based on the needs of the target customer group, do a good job in one aspect and form the core competitiveness, it is enough to support the development of the enterprise.

Enterprises need to make market positioning according to their own actual and objective situation. Through accurate and comprehensive positioning of products, enterprises, competitive position and target consumers, they can strictly distinguish themselves from other competitive enterprises, and make consumers clearly feel the difference, so as to occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers.

Some powerful enterprises can develop the market at the technical level through independent research and development, and strive to be the industry leader. Such differentiated products have considerable competitive strength. However, in the CNC cutting machine industry, only those enterprises with real research and development ability and core technology can engage in product differentiation at the substantive level. At the same time, it is far from enough just to take the lead in technology and fill the gap in the market. In order to maintain a certain advantage in the market competition, it is more necessary to closely combine the R & D achievements with the use experience of products, and provide products that are more suitable for consumer demand.

To take the differentiation route, we must also do enough surface work. In many similar products, how to attract consumers and leave a deep impression on consumers also requires enterprises to use their brains and make more efforts in the packaging, style, color and other aspects of CNC cutting machine equipment.

In addition to the product itself can do differentiation, for CNC cutting machine enterprises, more difference competition is mainly reflected in the service. Good service not only helps to enhance the corporate image and credibility, but also has great significance for the promotion of brand value. These services need CNC cutting machine enterprises to carry out according to their own resources, and gradually establish a service system.

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