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Advantages Of The Automatic stone Polishing Machine
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Advantages Of The Automatic stone Polishing Machine

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The first is high efficiency. The automatic polishing machine imitates the principle of manual polishing and automatically completes all polishing operations. The workbench can place more than 1-20 products at the same time according to the size of the product. Compared with manual polishing, the efficiency of polishing only one product at a time is about 5-10 times higher. (The efficiency value of different products will also change accordingly).

The second is good quality. The quality of manual polishing products will be affected by various external factors such as the polishing technique, physical strength, environment, and mood of the polishing master.

Influence. Lead to uneven product quality. Everyone knows that manual polishing requires relatively high technical requirements for the master, and everyone's technical proficiency is different, resulting in differences in polishing effects. In addition, manual polishing requires higher physical strength. After a day's work, workers will inevitably get tired and lose their physical strength. It will also cause uneven force on the product and affect product quality. The automatic polishing machine equipment does not have so many concerns. The pressure, number of revolutions, and polishing time are all fixed. It will not be disturbed by external factors. Therefore, the stability of product quality can be ensured.

Finally, the labor cost is low. Anyone in the industry should know that we are now hiring a skilled manual polisher master. It can be described as a big expense. The automatic polishing machine is different. The equipment automatically completes all polishing actions. Only need to switch the machine manually, load and unload materials (of course, the conditions can also be equipped with a robot). There are no excessive technical requirements for workers. In this way, hiring an ordinary worker can operate the equipment, and the monthly expenditure is about 3000-4000. At the same time, a worker can also operate 1-3 pieces of equipment at the same time. In this way, the monthly labor cost can be greatly reduced.

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