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450mm Infrared Stone Marble Granite Cutting Machine
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450mm Infrared Stone Marble Granite Cutting Machine

 HLSQ-450 Bridge Cutting Machine Bridge Cutting Machine, 450mm Infrared Stone Marble Granite Cutting Machine。
  • HLSQ-450
  • Hualong

stone cutting machineryChina Granite Bridge Saw

Hualong independently developed HLSQ-450 automatic bridge cutting machine, 450mm infrared marble and granite cutting machine, an automatic bridge stone cutting machine with Siemens PLC controller. The diameter of HLSQ-450 saw blade is 400mm-450mm, which can cut slab not larger than 10cm. The saw blade can also be automatically tilted from 0-45 degrees and chamfered. Through the PLC control system, one-button automatic vertical and horizontal cutting is possible. Meet the various cutting needs of stone processing plants. HLSQ-450 bridge stone cutting machine is mainly used for granite, marble, quartz cutting and so on. Strict quality requirements - quality assurance, high-quality customer service - good service, experienced engineers - good after-sales service.

Main Features

Bridge Cutting Machinebridge machine companyHualong Stone Machinery Hlsq-450 Bridge Type Autom_副本3

Details Images


Linear Guide

Brand: Hiwin

Original: Taiwan, China


Control system

Brand: Siemens


Laser Reticule Apparatus

Origin: China


Machine Part

Name: Incremental Encoder

Brand: ELCO from Germany


Electric Cabinet

Brand: Siemens, Schneider, Sanch...

Quality electrics used to ensure stable performance.


Optional Accessaries

Remote Control

For control the movement of 3 axises conviniently.

Hydraulic Giant

For cleaning

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